Wednesday, 30 March 2016


From American Lawyer


Dear Mr. Crayford

You said there's a way to do it, but I didn't believe it, not at first.  But we'll
come back to that later...

You said something else that I never believed you would say, based upon my reading
of your voluminous inventory of writings, and that is,  "I want to see America and
other countries rebuilt...  We have the financial resources to do that, to rebuild
and reconstruct every nation on the planet...  But..."

You filled my email box with so many "buts" I immediately fell back into the
defensive.  For one, Mr. Crayford, and I know you speak on behalf of the
International Treasury Controller, you're having a difficult time trusting America
and other countries, and I'm sure it probably starts with me, and I can understand
why you feel that way, and why you might say things like:

"Strange, but not so strange when one has real information; that all of our (ITC /
OITC) opposition comes out of America, Hudes ----- American, Keenan ------- Irish
American, Wanta ------ American,  Cotterell -------- American,  Drake --------
American, CIA ------- American,  Bush (Both) -------- American,  Cheney --------
American,  Anna von Reitz ------ American, and so on...  You can understand now why
I always say that Americans live in Fantasy Land and cannot face reality or the
truth (Said as a general comment against observations)."

- David P. Crayford  (March 25, 2016) -

Again, Mr. Crayford, you get no argument from me here.  You've been extremely busy
swatting off the flies of disinformation like Hudes and Keenan for years, and now
you take the time to compliment me regarding my hard work and due diligence in
researching and learning the truth of what our global financial / military /
political situation / outlook in the United States and the world is really like. 
But seriously, can we really pay off the national debt?  I still don't believe
that's possible!  And again you put me on the defensive, this time when it comes to
Americans and our perception of what truth and reality really are.  All I can say is
that inherent in the truth of what you said above is why we as Americans are so
confused and misinformed in the first place.  Look at the real life characters you
mention that we're stuck dealing with.  The Bushes?  Come on.  They stole from all
of us who had something and murdered everyone else.  And Wanta?  How many lives did
he (and Reagan) destroy with his huge heist from the Global Debt Facility and his
use of the stolen assets to completely dismantle the Soviet Union?  How many
innocent lives were lost in that exchange?  And then if you've taken the time over
the years to read what Hudes, Keenan, and von Reitz have been writing about, as I
have, and if you really didn't know the truth regarding the Global Debt Facility,
which I did not, you too would be confused as to who is doing what to whom with the
world's gold.  Reading what these perpetual disinformants write, and believing it
hook line and sinker, would give us zero idea that the Global Debt Facility has been
made available to the People and Nations of the World, by the Royal Families of the
World, for almost 200 years.  The agents you mentioned are pure disinformation
traps, laying down their own tracks of non truth and disinformation regarding the
Collateral Accounts, while they steal them as we're all looking in the other
direction.  To make matters worse, there really is no other voice out there laying
down a true and concise narrative of the global financial situation except for you. 
The planet's financial future all centers around the Global Debt Facility, and you
only post your truth regarding the same on Rumor Mill News and Abundant Hope, whose
readerships are limited.  Your message is not proficiently getting out to the
masses.  Not enough people have access to this truth.  And you say you're really too
busy to write down the truth in any greater of a manner, so we Americans must remain
confused and disoriented as to how the ITC could help us pay off our huge
twenty-trillion-dollar debt and rebuild from the bottom up in a matter of years
counted on one hand, unless we take the time to research the truth thereof.

The truth for me is that before I entered this alternative media train and began to
grow a better perception of what the reality of our existence is, I was plainly a
programmed simpleton.  Unfortunately, I can say the same about much of my brethren
back home in America.  Mr. Crayford, you have been way too complimentary of the
knowledge I have gained through my intensive research and search for the truth on a
global and economic scale, but the truth is it was tough.  But I worked hard to find
that truth, and I did it for us, for my family, my grandchildren, my Brothers and my
Sisters of all color and nationality.  I wanted to know that there really was truth
in the prospect that Humanity could actually survive the insanity we are presently
being subjected to, and what that truth might be.  And it took me a long time and
great deal of energy sifting through the maze of disinformation to find out and
understand the truth and history behind the OITC, and what the International
Treasury Controller is actually all about.  You don't write enough about the
International Treasury Controller.  We can't find any good information about him or
her, other than what you write.  How about a photograph?  Maybe an Alex Jones or
Sean Stone interview?  And the search for financial truth is made even more painful
by the fact we have to again completely break down our previously broken down belief
systems, and then we have to break those down again.

It's been really tough for me and my family.  Imagine how tough it must be for the
rest of my American Brothers and Sisters.  My American Brothers and Sisters are not
dumbed down so much as we're exhausted and beaten up.  We're fed so much garbage,
that we're sick physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  The leadership
of our country has mercilessly tortured us U.S. citizenry into programmed
compliance.  We've been turned into clones and droids and genetic mutants who are
not allowed to act upon our free will, because we really don't know what Free Will

I don't believe for one second that, as a country, we want to be known, in
actuality, or on a global perception basis, as "sheeple addicted to television and
sport."  But you're right.  We do need to get out of the information box we've been
incessantly programmed into since our births.  Americans' basis of understanding and
knowledge must rise above and beyond the religion, education, upbringing, role
models, minimal understanding of the shape and size of the Universe, and everything
else false that has been painted into our minds as if that were the truth of all
that is.  But there is so much more out there to learn.  There is a world out there
that they don't tell us about in here.  That's why there are people like you, in
possession of the golden nuggets that are truth, who possess the ultimate global
financing that will, one day, one way or another, bring my people back, and will
make my country of origin spiritually, morally, and financially strong again.  And I
hope it's sooner rather than later.


You said that through your observations you believe the American population to be
more of the follower mentality than that of the leader.  And I do understand the
truth of what you're saying here as well.  But I don't believe that truth is across
the board in the U.S.  We have brilliant leaders in America, strong, independent
free wills ready to make our country better, who just need to be fed better, more
truthful information.  America's leaders will need better access to the truth.  If
we have better access to your information, and we had you working with us, and I
understand that is a big if, but we could then learn what we would have to do to
rebuild America. 

And this would probably be a good time to give a shout out to the likes of Benjamin
Fulford and many others like him.  Fulford did a wonderful piece recently that
appeared here on RMN and painted a really fair picture for us who are searching for
an understanding of truth on how the world can move forward in a positively moral
and prosperous way, of what is going on politically / economically / militarily
across the planet, with a well devised plan on how to get America restarted
financially.  It's the second best plan I've ever heard.  I don't want you to get
jealous, Mr. Crayford, but Benjamin Fulford was actually my first Internet teacher
regarding the nature of the global financial system and its relationship to
voluminous gold hordes and their relationship to global economics and the  people's
and nations' battles for freedom and prosperity.  You were my second.  The truth is,
at first, I really didn't get you.  What you were saying seemed preposterous.  It
was beyond my scope of understanding.  But then as I continued to digest the meaning
of your cumulative writings, your consistent, untarnished, expansive truth began to
expand into the mainstream of my consciousness, and you became my predominant
teacher, Internet, or otherwise.  There are no lies or inconsistencies to your
writings.  Your truth flows very smoothly through my heart.


My truth is I listened to Benjamin Fulford's truth before I listened to your truth. 
Both of your truths are consistent in many important ways.  Both of you get
tremendous jewels of information that you disseminate to those of us with a want to
learn.  I imagine what it might be like to one day see the Global Debt Facility
tapped into for the national debt repayment and rebuilding of America.  I understand
there is no other way to accomplish this without the Global Debt Facility backing a
new American currency.  None.  There are no other ways to pay off our national debt.
 Twenty trillion dollars, and rising.  We as Americans must understand this and then
honor this debt obligation before we are allowed to join the new financial system
that has arisen out of the East.  This is what it will take to pay off our National
Debt in our lifetime.  David Crayford knows how to do that.  The International
Treasury Controller, the sole legal heir, owner, manager and administrator of every
cent of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility,
wherever on the planet they may be located, stashed, or hidden, is the answer to the
question.  And I would love to see Benjamin Fulford and the White Dragon Society
help with the implementation of David Crayford's / ITC's plan to move the world
forward into a brilliant future for everyone.  The plan is already in operation and
well financed.  David Crayford's / ITC's plan is similar to Benjamin Fulford's in
many important ways.  If the White Dragon Society truly is an alliance of benevolent
Western Secret Societies, as they state to the public, then they will understand
what I mean.  They will do the research.  They will contact David Crayford or the

For us who love America, (and for others who love their countries), there is no
other way to get it done.  It's a matter of when.  When will America tap into the
global gold backed financial system?  First, though, we must stop those that are
stealing from it that are robbing us of our destiny.  That, I believe, is where the
WDS could be the greatest help to humanity.  And this is where Crayford and Fulford
agree dead on.  Those financing the terrorists must be stopped.  What needs to be
understood is that it is through stealing assets of the Global Debt Facility that
has financed all war and all terrorism since World War II ended.  It is not because
of the illegal drug trade, although that is probably a distant second.  The oil
trade and slave trade probably come in a distant third and fourth from there.  The
illegal drug trade certainly has caused a lot of special ops activities around the
world and through history, but the stolen Collateral Accounts are the reason for the
string of wars across the planet over the decades.  That is why wars string through
countries and decades.  To steal what they can, and move on and do it again.  To
find the gold, steal it, and finance more war, control, and domination.  The energy
from the stolen Divine Wealth / gold keeps the Satanic criminals juiced and in
power.  Not the drugs, oil, or human slaves.  That is the stolen assets - and the
fact all the dealings regarding the Royal Families of the World and the Global Debt
Facility are covered in Secret International Treaties.  Not treaties amongst
nations, which are international, but not secret, but Top Secret International
Treaties.  Nobody can even legally talk publicly about what's being stolen, if they
even knew about the Global Debt Facility in the first place.  Individual members of
the Royal Family have no idea about the Global Debt Facility.  It's that Top Secret!
 No member of any government or military would even be allowed in the same building.

So remember, the global reserve currency has for all purposes already been changed
from the U.S. Dollar to the Chinese Yuan.  This stealthily happened a couple years
ago.  This is the first time this has happened since the pound was changed to the
U.S. dollar in 1945.  And that was the first time the global reserve currency had
been changed since just after the French Revolution.


So we Americans have to stop those other Americans who continue to loot our
grandchildren's futures.  It's got to end sometime.  Another reason Benjamin
Fulford's vast secret underground society connections should work with David
Crayford is because David Crayford belongs to the greatest secret society of all; 
those who have the Top Secret security clearance to know what the Secret
International Treaties of the World say.  Full Jacket 3/5.  Not too many people
carry that kind of weight.  The White Dragon Society, David Crayford, and the ITC
could work together fighting for the greater good of Humanity.  They're basically
talking about achieving the same things.  However, it is only the ITC who is the
globally recognized and sanctioned body, agreed to by all the Nations of the World,
through International Treaties, secret and otherwise, to gold back the national
currencies of the world to be used to rebuild those individual nations.

America's only chance to rebuild and survive in the future will be to one day join
in the trade agreements with the BRICS countries.  Americans will want to work with
world development banks like the BRICS banks and the AIIB bank and other Asian
development banks tied into gold backed currencies.  These are the financial
institutions that will replace the Old Country global predators like IMF, World Bank
Group, Federal Reserve, who, incidentally, originally acted as Custodians and
Holders of Global Debt Facility assets and documents at their inceptions, before
turning rogue and trying to steal it all.  Legally, they are all inferior to the
International Treasury Controller.  He / she, for all legal purposes, tells them
what to do.  So far, like the criminal derelicts they are, they haven't responded
very well.

American businesses will also want to participate in the guaranteed financial
prosperity of the new Silk Road, which connects China to Russia to Eurasia to the
Middle East to Europe...  That's why, eventually, we will have no choice but to get
Global Debt Facility Gold to back a new American currency.  So we can't close our
borders.  We will have to open them up to our trade partners.  Our survival as a
country will depend on it.  Our abandoning the present worthless U.S. debt note will
depend on it.  Our standard of living in this country has deteriorated continuously
every day since 1972, when the criminals behind the Fed and Nixon took the U.S.
Dollar off the gold standard, so the rape of the Global Debt Facility, and the
People's futures, could begin in earnest.  And for the first time since then, we
have a chance to change it.  If we get smart and work together, if that is possible.

Mr. Fulford talks about Americans doubling our standard of living in a year, like
the Russians did under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin.  And I agree, we
in America too can do that.  We'll have to tighten our fiscal belts first.  There
will be some pain as we convert worthless currency into valuable assets, but we can
do it, just like Russia did.  But first you have to do the research.  You have to
ask yourself - How did Russia do it?  Sure Putin had to purge Russia's financial
system of the Rothschild banksters, but how did Russia get all that gold to back
that now valuable currency?  Wasn't it originally a member of the Russian Royal
Family who in or about 1875 really got the Global Debt Facility rolling toward
combining the international collateral assets of the Global Royal Families into the
Global Debt Facility to get to the People and the Nations of the World?

So now we realize Russia has kicked out the Rothschild banking agents and have
effectively backed their currency with much of their own gold.  But what happens
when the full force and effect of the International Treasury Controller and the
Global Debt Facility are fully launched?  Is this why Kissinger was in Russia and
what he was asking Putin about?  Is this what the Pope wanted to hear from the
Russian Patriarch?  Or did the Pope ask for a loan?

Those who do the research will learn that the new Global Financial System will be
made possible by the new International Treasury Controller, who is Holder to the M1


I believe the WDS could be a tremendous help to the International Treasury
Controller if they were playing with a more fully loaded deck of understanding.  In
his video, Mr. Fulford literally talks about creating a new paradigm for the planet,
financially, and otherwise, and he's absolutely right.  There's no changing the
broken system of domination and control we operate under.  It has to be replaced. 
We need to build from scratch a new, spiritually energized, financial system.  While
the West has made war, terrorism and genocide main priorities of existence, they
have stolen assets of the Global Debt Facility through the wars they make, to fuel
the terrorism and genocide they commit.  The new gold backed global financial system
operates out of the East and beyond as we speak.  Everyone must understand this,
American or otherwise.  The new Global Financial System is very much achievable.  As
Mr. Fulford says, look East, and think BRICS.  Gold backed, and gold backed.  And
how do you think it became gold backed?  Brazil, Russia, China, India, and South

Mr. Crayford, you have talked about how the gold and other assets of the Global Debt
Facility had been disseminated to hidden locations and banks all across the globe
after the 1920 London Treaty and World War II, in preparation of the new Gold backed
Global Financial System back then.  That's how the gold of Japan, China, Indonesia,
the Philippines, and other parts of Asia, and the rest of the world, got there,
buried in depositories and presumed safe in Western aligned banks, at that time. 
But since then, things changed.  Want to steal gold from Libya meant to back the
independent financial system of the Libyan people?  Have Hillary Clinton finance the
illegal terrorist war on Gadaffi utilizing stolen Collateral Assets of the Global
Debt Facility, which were intended for the benefit of the People and Nations of the
World, and invade Libya with proxy terrorist mercenaries.  Still more thousands of
metric tons of gold to be located and stolen.  Multiply that by Ukraine, Syria,
Iraq, the world.  More Global Debt Facility gold to steal.  More gold to reprocess
illegally and then sell on Wall Street.  Funds to buy more mercenaries and weapons
to kill more civilians and commit more genocide against Christians and Humanity
across the planet.

Gold is for Mother Earth.  Gold is of our mother, Earth.  Gold is Divine energy. 
With the aid of off planet allies, the "Hierarchy" of beings selected and appointed
the International Treasury Controller to manage the Global Debt Facility for the
benefit of the People and Nations of the World.  He / she is doing that right now. 
He /she did not ask for the job.  He / she was asked to do it for Humanity.  And
when you look at it, he / she is doing a really good job.  The new gold backed
financial system is designed to benefit many people in all nations of this planet. 
Just look at how the world is going.  Look at who is financially and militarily
strong, and look at who is not.  Who has legal access to the Global Debt Facility,
and who does not?


Another thing that is important for everyone to understand is that the gold, whether
it's termed Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, or from the Philippines, or if
it's in the name of a Divine Trust, still belongs to the Combined International
Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility.  It is not there to put on the
market and sell at a profit, and claim those profits are going to be used to benefit
the poor.  That gold, whether it is being stolen by others or not, is still managed
and administered by the ITC, who is a "sovereign" entity unto his / herself, with
its own jurisdiction, which is legally higher in law than any other legal
jurisdiction on the planet, international, national, Maritime, or otherwise.  That's
why America must educate herself.  That's why the leaders of the U.S. and the West
must really understand the truth.  The gold held by Custodian countries has already
been accounted for.  It is deposited all over the world.  There is an agreed to
value of that deposited gold that was covered by International Treaty and signed by
American Presidents and leaders of other Nations and Institutions of the world.  So
when it gets stolen, we, the American tax payers (the People) must pay for it,
principal, interest and all.  And we continue to do so, until we stop it.

And it's going to take a lot of research for us Americans to uncover that truth. 
Again, we must peel away the many layers of disinformation that have been piled on
top of and around the thin line of truth that exists in public media about the
Global Debt Facility and the Royal Families of the World.  The Royal Families of the
World, by Secret International Treaty, created the Global Debt Facility.  By Secret
International Treaty, the Royal Families of the World created the International
Treasury Controller, as legal heir, owner and arbiter, to manage and administer the
Global Debt Facility.  The Western Banks work hand in hand with governments to
misinform the people of the world about the true nature of the global economic
system.  It has been hijacked, and the Mainstream Media programs us into believing
our debt based financial system is all that is, and it is good for us, and they will
replace it for us.


Whenever as a country we reach that point, the President of the United States will
become the Legal Custodian of the Gold from the Global Debt Facility that will back
the new American currency, whatever that may be.  It's happened before, and it will
have to happen again.  That's why we have to get really serious if we're going to
change the plight of America for our grandchildren's sake.  In that relationship, if
the President fails the Global Debt Facility, and absconds with the gold, then the
American people will be held liable, again, and it will become our debt problem,
again.  Sound familiar?  Think Bushes, Clintons...  Where does the list stop?


Or not.  It's up to us.  Whether we like it or not, we have failed ourselves.  We
waste too much time on television and sports.  Many of us are morally deplete. 
Eventually we will have to turn it around.  We will have to begin this by
researching the truth and educating ourselves to another path of reasoning other
than the programmed lie.  We're going to have to place responsible leadership at the
helm of our future as a country.  And that leader, the future President of the
United States, will have to become Custodian to assets of the Collateral Accounts of
the Global Debt Facility. 

One of the big reasons that the truth has been hidden for so long in this whole
thing is because everything is shrouded in secrecy, and the bad guys have taken
serious advantage of this.  That's why there has been a false historical narrative
laid out in education and popular culture.  No one really understands the truth of
the global financial economic system, how it really works.  We've been boondoggled,
tricked by Black Magic, Smoke, and Mirrors.  So we've got to research to go beneath
the layers of disinformation to find the truth.  And here's another truth.  All the
treaties among and between Royal Families of the World - are done in secret.  No one
is allowed to see or view a Secret International Treaty without the appropriate
security clearance.  Which is very high.  Full Jacket 3/5.  So this means that very
few people actually know what those treaties say.  So the good guys, who for two
hundred years or so have been trying to create a benevolent global financial system,
can't even legally talk about the thefts.  And the bad guys know this, use the
stolen Collateral Accounts to buy up the global media, and then lie to us turning us
into sheeple.  So we must research.  Find the truth beneath the secret security
quagmire and the endless stream of disinformation by those who would steal from our
collective destiny, the Global Debt Facility.

We need to find out the truth.  What is our government really doing to us?  How did
we really get into debt?  We must lift the veil of secrecy off the Secret
International Treaties.  Top Secret is Top Secret.  It means it can't be revealed. 
Private International Treaties involving Royal Families of the World have nothing
whatsoever to do with Constitutional Monarchy governments of the world.  The ITC and
OITC are limited in what they can say, so we must do the research.

What I'm beginning to understand is that we Americans really do have much soul
reflecting to take part in.  And if we do, I believe, collectively, we will be happy
with ourselves.  We will see good people, not sheeple, who need to change our
program.  We'll need to adjust the basis of our thinking.  America is going to need
to pay of her debt and be rebuilt at some point.  When does that happen?  How much
suffering are we willing to endure?  Do our grandchildren have a say in how much
they will suffer?  Do we have a plan in mind so there really is a future in the U.S.
for those who don't have money now?  The U.S. Treasury is bankrupt.  The Federal
Reserve is bankrupt.  The value of the paper currency we keep in our wallets and
dresser drawers is very little when it comes to economic exchange.  Nobody across
the world is taking our valueless American dollars anymore.  That's why cost
inflation is rising so rapidly.  And that's only going to get worse.

I'm again asking my American compatriots to do the research as I did.  Perception is
key.  Understand a new reality.  There is a way to rebuild every nation of the
planet for every person right now.  But that answer does not lie with the American
government or the Mainstream Media.  It does not lie with the Federal Reserve.  It
does not lie with any banking institution in the Western Banking Hemisphere.  The
answer to rebuilding any country that wants to catch on to the new financial model
is to research and understand that truth.  Benjamin Fulford has as good a take as
anyone putting information out there.  He's getting good information, and passing it
along.  He's trying to string it together for us to use and build on.  

But when you watch the video understand that there's one fatal flaw to the

Watch the Fulford video here.

We must now begin to speak from the understanding that the financing is already in
place.  The gold exists within one independent, benevolent institution.  It's called
the International Treasury Controller.  Just look at what's happening around the
world, and you will know this to be true.  Who's got all the gold in the world's
financial realm, and who's doing what financially?  Coincidental?  Probably not. 
Look at BRICS.  Where does their gold come from?  Whether David Crayford will reveal
to me or anyone else the details of the ITC plan as to how America can get rid of
her twenty trillion dollar debt in three to four years, and begin to rebuild is
unknown, but it can only happen if and when we get some "responsible leadership" to
play Custodian to the Collateral Accounts that we'll have to have to back our new
financial system.

Sunday, 13 March 2016



Herein I would like to announce to the world that the World Bank Group has officially and rightfully called for the arrest and imprisonment of Karen Hudes and her "cohorts" by Interpol and Law Enforcement Agencies worldwide.  But in so doing, the World Bank Group has failed to be fully truthful in their statements, and they have generated misleading misconceptions about their involvement with the Combined Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility.

First, the arrest and imprisonment of Karen Hudes.  In a document headed “OFFICIAL NOTIFICATION”, dated February 15th, 2016, issued by the World Bank Group, and as instructed by the International Court of Justice, it states, quote:-

This institution is hereby notifying all concerned that KAREN HUDES who claimed as Acting General Counsel of the World Bank Group of which was previously employed in this institution has been OFFICIALLY TERMINATED on July 16th, 2007 due to inappropriate behaviour and continuous misrepresentation of invalid heritage documents as per instruction of the International Court of Justice ………………………..

Earlier on July 14th, 2014, we released statement against KAREN HUDES that her written monies were not credible and she has not been authorized to act/or to represent in any arms of this institution since her termination.

Furthermore per instruction of the International Court of Justice to enforce, WITHOUT EXEMPTION, all Law Enforcement Agencies worldwide for immediate persecution and imprisonment against all known Claimants worldwide including KAREN HUDES and all her cohorts for her continuous misrepresentation of this entity and the illegal transmission of certain dissolved heritage documents that have been ordered to dispossess of.

For your information and guidance.


Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer
Control No. WB ------

Copy furnished:        Interpol and Law Enforcement Agencies worldwide.

This document has been officially investigated by us and we have confirmed it to be genuine.

At least we must be grateful that the World Bank Group has, at last, taken the appropriate action to curtail and eliminate some former employees (impostors), such as Karen Hudes and her cohorts which includes Wolfgang Struck.

However, in another section of said document, being the lower part of paragraph 1, we have to seriously criticize the World Bank Group for their ambiguity and aberration of their comments in this other section which in itself is grossly misrepresenting facts, probably purposely for the misleading of others.

On the fourth line of the 1st paragraph it states, quote  …………….

“as per instruction of the International Court of Justice to EXPUNGE, DELETE and SHRED for the bank records forever all HERITAGE DOCUMENTS obstinately claimed and owned by all disparage unauthorized parties worldwide and interlocked thereof into ONE SOVEREIGN ACCOUNT under the Sole Control Management and Responsibility of this institution and naming the HOLY GOD IN HEAVEN as the SOLE OWNER of all dissolved Heritage Wealth worldwide that reverted into DIVINE WEALTH and naming the author of Notarized ……………………………………………… as the SOLE TRUSTEE AND SIGNATORY over said DIVINE WEALTH”.

There are numerous issues with this statement, the first being:-

a).    The fact and reality that the International Court of Justice (ICJ) holds no jurisdiction whatsoever over any issue related, associated, concerning, or otherwise, to the Combined International Collateral Accounts, otherwise known as the “HOLY WEALTH OF OUR HOLY FATHER IN HEAVEN” and “DIVINE WEALTH”.  The above World Bank statement is a complete misrepresentation of the true legal nature of the Collateral Accounts.

The person who is the Master Custodian of this “DIVINE WEALTH” is M1, formerly Ferdinand Marcos former President of the Philippines, and currently a Senior Royal Family member to whom the M1 position was transferred to on December 20th 1988 by Ferdinand Marcos.

That Senior Royal Family member (as Chairman), together with the Committee of worldwide Royal Family members and Primary Nations of the World appointed, on January 20th 1995, the very first International Treasury Controller, Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter of the Global Debt Facility (DIVINE WEALTH) who was Dr. Ray C. Dam, descendant of the Cambodian Royal Family and former G7 Gold Signatory.
Dr. Dam was removed from his position in September 2011 after being professionally assessed as being mentally incapacitated. This led to the appointment of a replacement for Dr. Dam (May 2012) whereby the then appointed person still holds that position with all its powers and authorities, to date.

In 1995 when the first International Treasury Controller was appointed, he as the Institution was bestowed with “Sovereign” status with its very own legal jurisdiction, which is the only jurisdiction in the world that has the power and authority to adjudicate on any issue re: the International Treasury Control, the Collateral Accounts (AKA Global Debt Facility, Divine Wealth, Holy Wealth of our Holy Father in Heaven, Foundation Divine), its operations, Assets and / Accounts, documents (Historic and / or present).

The above also applies to the replacement International Treasury Controller.

It is well known that the World Bank, the IMF, the BIS, the Federal Reserve, have been massively abusing the Assets and Accounts of the Global Debt Facility for decades, contrary to the fact that any power or authority granted to them, if any, by the former TTTGC (1945 – 1995) was voided / superseded by the Treaty appointing the First International Treasury Controller (1995), further confirmed voided by the Treaty appointing the Second International Treasury Controller, and further voided and declared legally unenforceable by the “Sovereign Decrees” issued June 2012, enacted into Law on 1st July 2012.

So, who is this illegal Sole Trustee and Signatory of the Divine Wealth that appears to have been appointed by the World Bank Group contrary to International Treaties? In reality these actions by the World Bank Group can be seen as hypocritical; a typical example of the “Pot calling the Kettle Black” as they are equally as guilty as Karen Hudes in their continuous misrepresentation of the facts / truth.

The question asked above can be answered by the World Bank Group because any appointment agreement / contract made by the World Bank Group is illegal and unenforceable, and they know it. At the same time the World Bank Group do not hold any authority or power to place a “Classification” on such information that restricts publication because they themselves hold no power or authority over such matters to begin with.

So Mr Bertránd Badré, as Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer of the World Bank Group, face up to the facts and your own responsibility and disclose the person’s name for all to see. Tell us the truth, for a change.

b).    The second point here is that the World Bank Group have been instructed to EXPUNGE, DELETE and SHRED from the Bank records forever all HERITAGE DOCUMENTS. An instruction by the ICJ, who have no jurisdiction whatsoever over such matters, to the World Bank Group, who also hold no power or authority over issues concerning the Collateral Accounts. An impotent legal institution giving order to a legally impotent financial institution.


Has this instruction been given by the ICJ and (possibly) complied with by the World Bank Group to remove all evidence of criminal activities by both the ICJ and the World Bank Group?

I consider the fact that “Destroying of all evidence of criminal activities” to be far more applicable, feasible and relevant than simply the factor surrounding Karen Hudes of whom the latter publicly admitted and exposed the corruption within the World Bank Group in her earlier days as a Whistleblower.

With these comments in mind, I refer to The International Treasury Controller’s Official Order, dated 21st October, 2013, issued upon the World Bank Group and officially acknowledged as being delivered and received by said World Bank Group, of which the applicable extracts are as follows:-

iii).    To submit to The International Treasury Controller with Twenty Eight (28) Calendar days from the recorded date of receipt of this Communication / Order, full officially Certified information, whether documents, account information, account details, account balances, account reports (annual or otherwise), physical asset information held in your possession or known to you, plus all / any other pertinent information / details held in your possession; submitted, gained, requested by you, referred to you / passed to you by other persons, parties, banks, or otherwise, since January 20th 1995, being the first date of appointment of the International Treasury Controller.
Said requested information shall be submitted to The International Treasury Controller by Courier Mail only, to the address as herein defined below.   

iv).    To submit to The International Treasury Controller, within Twenty Eight (28) Calendar days from the recorded date of receipt of this Communication / Order, full officially Certified information reference to the Gold allocated as initial Capital requirements to the World Bank / World Bank Group by America and / or the TTTGC upon the incorporation of the World Bank / World Bank Group. Said requested information should be recorded within the balance sheets of the World Bank / World Bank Group since 1945, whereby such Gold was, and remains so, the property of The Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. Such information should include, but not limited to, the documents of Agreement between the World Bank / World Bank Group with the United States of America, and / or the TTTGC, whether a Department of the Government, an Authority or sub-authority thereof, a member of the TTTGC, or otherwise.

Said Gold may not actually be in your possession but was assigned and / or transferred in legal document form to the World Bank / World Bank Group at the time, or immediately following, the incorporation of the World Bank  / World Bank Group in 1945 ancillary to The Bretton Woods Treaty.

v).    To submit to The International Treasury Controller, within Twenty Eight (28) Calendar days from the recorded date of receipt of this Communication / Order, full officially Certified information reference to any existing, pending, or future use of any assets, whether bank accounts or physical assets, already agreed to, or contemplated by, the World Bank / World Bank Group.

Note: ALL requested or required information, documents, or otherwise shall be in full, not partial, and be fully certified as “First Copies of the Original Documents, Written Information” by a qualified and registered Lawyer of standing in your employment, whereby verification may be made at any time to ensure that the person is a fully qualified and registered Lawyer of standing.

All requested or required information should be dispatched by Courier Mail only, clearly marked for the Attention of The International Treasury Controller, whereby Proof of Dispatch should be submitted by Email communication to ---  within Twenty Four (24) hours of the date of dispatch to the International Treasury Controller.

Further requests, orders, instructions, may be made at a later date subject to your compliance with this ORDER and the documentation / information received from you.

I probably do not have to inform our readers that the World Bank Group totally ignored this Official Order, despite the WARNING OF NON-COMPLIANCE within the Order, whereby the World Bank Group have carried on with their unlawful activities ever since. Their silence is deafening, to say the least, and so their guilt becomes plainly obvious and clearly visible.

As for Karen Hudes she did not want to know the truth when she refused to accept our official communication to her, and look where it has gotten her --------- Fearful of being arrested and incarcerated, along with her cohorts, for a very long time.

Neither does it do the World Bank Group any good in denying the truth, hiding, or running, because we will catch up with them in the end so they should fully understand the fact that our Laws enacted as a “Sovereign” on 1st July 2012, are far more severe than what they could ever imagine.

As another “Twist in the Tail” just look at the posting that has appeared on the Tallano Tagean Facebook page, that seems to confirm and enhance everything we have stated above as well as further recognizing the truth of the OITC.  Appearing under the heading “The Universal Queen of Queens Foundation Inc.” at the same time remembering that the documents both Hudes and Struck have, or claim they have, were in the majority gained / passed to them from “The Universal Queen of Queens Foundation Inc.”; stating, quote:-

“TRUTH FINALLY REVEALED * *Karen Hudes is NOT the Trustee, either in part or full, of TVM-LSM-666 on behalf of the Global Debt Facility. NEITHER is Wolfgang Struck. Both are IMPOSTERS and FRAUDS. Neither have, or hold, Documents of Appointment issued by The International Treasury Controller, and neither hold the security level classification to handle any matters, issues, or otherwise for or on behalf of the International Treasury Controller, the Global Debt Facility or any Trust / Foundation whether Master Trust / Foundation, Secondary Trust / Foundation, Sub-Trust / Foundation, Sub sub-Trust / Foundation or other
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Everyone in the know is lashing out at and exposing Karen Hudes and her cohorts for being the lying, thieving, cheating criminals that they are.  It is a Merry-go-Round of crooks stealing from the mouths of the babes of the Nations of the world, and it is being heavily overloaded with the likes of Hudes, Struck, Keenan, Yamaguchi, Alberto Marcos Marcos, plus many others, known and unknown, but whose identities will soon be discovered, and who will soon find arrest and imprisonment awaiting them.

Finally, some advice to all the Readers who positively follow Karen Hudes's escapades, together with those who have considered Karen Hudes in a negative manner right from the start.

May I respectfully suggest to the former people that they commence undertaking some very serious investigations re: Karen Hudes, of which much can be undertaken through the worldwide web, because there is so much already on record that should make you all question the fraud and folly surrounding Karen Hudes's story.

Just to give you a little insight into some of the issues which are as follows:-

a).    From the website INTELIUS

Karen Alexandra Spergel
Aka …… Karen Alexandra Hudes
Aka …… Karen Hudes Spergel
Aka …… K A Spergel

5203 Falmouth Road  Bethesda, MD
Washington, DC
New York, NY
Age:  68 y.o.

b).    From the website:- STARSHIP EARTH

Article: Karen Hudes: Whistleblower or Deceiver?

c).    Husband:  Barry Spergel 

Information on same from the website Environment Tools Tool Kit

Profile Summary:  I helped to design environmental funds in more than 25 countries, including drafting legal documents, operations manuals, grant-making procedures, investment policies, and fundraising strategies. I have also negotiated international Debt-for-Nature swaps; written forestry laws and environmental protection laws; and designed new environmental taxes and user fees, PES and REDD. I have helped design and evaluated many projects for GEF, World Bank, UNDP, KfW, AFD, USAID, WWF, CI, TNC, IUCN, etc.


This site shows a photograph for which we are fully aware of two persons within the photograph. The person second from the left on the top row and the person on the extreme right of the top row. Both these persons are known to us and on our register of known Philippine crooks regarding the Wealth of the World for which Ferdinand Marcos was the Master Custodian under a position of M1. Our people have met with these two persons, some years ago, and are well aware of their devious techniques and fake / forged documents, used for conning people and extracting funds from the naïve.

There are many additional You tube Videos available on this subject matter. Go look and satisfy yourselves as to the lack of genuineness of these people.


All in all, the above is just the tip of the iceberg. These are the people that Karen Hudes and Wolfgang Struck have been obtaining documents from, in addition to other sources, and then proclaiming them to be real and genuine, plus using them to garner support from the naïve public readers. Furthermore, Hudes and Struck are then using these documents to proclaim that they have all the information and are far more knowledgeable on the subject matter than the real person / people being the ITC / OITC.

Remember what I have stated in the past, that if you only have one piece of this enormous jigsaw puzzle, you effectively know a very limited amount or nothing at all.

These people go to tremendous lengths and expenses for the purpose of making themselves appear important and knowledgeable, which in turn aids in assisting their continuous malicious attempts to discredit and destroy the ITC / OITC.

The questions we should all now be asking ourselves are:  Who is financing Karen Hudes for her activities surrounding the Global Debt Facility?

Who gave Karen Hudes the right to claim, unlawfully so, that she is the Counsel for the Global Debt Facility?  Or that Karen Hudes is Trustee of TVM-LSM-666, because it certainly wasn’t the legitimate Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter of the Global Debt Facility, who is the ITC and assigned M1.

Is it the few rogue Governors (Finance Ministers) of the IBRD who ultimately want to lay claim to the Global Debt Facility?

It certainly isn’t the World Bank or any of its arms as they have officially denied all of Karen Hudes’s claims, as exhibited above.

Or, it is some other person or group that is lurking silently in the shadows for fear of being identified, and thus uses “Front Men / Women” to do their dirty work?

What a wicked and devious web these people weave. They are easily distinguishable from genuine persons because they have a few individual documents which they have obtained from some specific source, usually not genuine, or they have stolen / forged / fake documents, which they believe are real. Then they take that one particular aspect of the Global Debt Facility in complete isolation from everything else connected to the Global Debt Facility, its history (past and present), and many other factors, finally ending up embarrassing themselves and then they disappear into oblivion, but not realising the damage they have caused, or possibly realising the damage they have done because that was their purpose and aim; in the process of their escapades.

“A person who makes themselves look a fool are the biggest fools of all.”


David P. Crayford.